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My Personal Secretary – Voice Assistant

• Unbelievable voice assistant who handles all of your typing job •

Are you one of them who really hate typing? Not to worry! My Personal Secretary – voice assistant is simplest way to type via your own voice. You can simply start speaking and your words are immediately converted into text. It will drastically enhance your daily texting, socializing and communicating activities. The app works faster than typing on a keyboard. It will become your best assistant.

With the fast speed of life, our daily schedule becomes busy. My Personal Secretary helps you lot, it simplifies your life and saves you abundant of time. It uses error-correction algorithms and a language model to guess the intended word. This app could let you easy share text by Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS/iMessage etc.

===== App Features =====
• Tell her what you need to type
• Extremely faster than typing on a keyboard
• Automatically corrects spelling mistakes
• Share your text via email, sms, facebook, twitter, and other apps
• Advanced speech recognition algorithm
• Detect end of speech option
• Recording start and end confirmation sound
• Retina display universal app
• Support 23 languages
• Required network connectivity
• Required external mic
• Translation To more than 32 Languages
• Text To Speech Conversion (Speech Synthesis)
• More than 40 Languages with 62 Distinct voices (Male & Female)

What’s New

Here’s what’s new in My Personal Secretary – Voice Assistant 2.0

• Added translation to more than 32 Languages
• New Text to speech feature
• Male & female voices which can instantly speak in more than 40 languages, voice-to-voice
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes
• Improved UI


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