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Splittr – split dinner bills at the table

• Simple, beautiful tip calculator, sparkles with your favorite color. •

Splittr is the quickest, easiest and most lovely way to split a bill at the table. It can easily calculate the tip at restaurants and bars. It can split the bill among friends or family in a few seconds with tax and international currency.

There are many tip calculators out there, but we know you don’t really enjoy them – they’re mostly awkward and no fun at all. Splittr is beautiful, simple, fast, and color based. It has elegant interface.

• Choose your party size – up to 16 people
• Add the value of each plate
• Split shared items like wine or appetizers
• Adjust the tax and tip amounts
• Show each person what they owe on your phone, or send them a copy of the split bill by text message or email

Splittr is really clever and handy tip calculator.

For any feedback and suggestions, please visit www.digifunstudios.com.


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