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Wifi Passwords & System Utilities

● Get three of the most popular app ever in one classic bundle ●

For economical price the Wifi Password & System Utilities represents the best choice for every user who wants to know more about his wifi, devices, network, battery, memory & operating system. The bundle consists of three apps – iWep Generator Pro, WiFi & Router Password Finder & System Status Monitor Pro.

iWep Generator Pro allows you to generate encryption key for your wireless network. This keygen generate Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) both keys that can be used to secure wireless network. It is easy to use app that generates random WEP or WPA keys used by most wireless routers, simply enter the pass phrase and it will be converted into its hex equivalent, choose the desired security level and one will be generated for you.

WiFi & Router Password Finder is an offline application that helps you find the default passwords for more than 1,200 WiFi routers. The app provides various details like Vendor, Model, Version, Username and Password. This app can be very useful to recover password set by default for the model of your router and you can able to conveniently access the network.

System Status Monitor Pro is the ultimate app for activity monitoring, managing and optimizing your device performance. It provides significant system status information such as battery charge and activity log, memory manager, CPU and disk usage, network info with WiFi or cellular identification, various hardware-related data etc.


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