Who we are & what we do

There’s nothing more exciting than purely handcraft casual games on your smart phone with the powerful sounds effects, visually stunning graphics and an interesting game play along with it. It is an entirely different experience of gaming with an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

DigiFun Studios produces quality mobile games and applications in all categories and more across multiple operating platforms. We bring together creativity, skills and technology to develop the most fascinating and intellectual games for mobile device. Our team of developers is ready to build mobile game for pleasure and fun. We develop mobile device game for both the iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile phones are no more just a communication devices. Mobile Game Applications forms a huge part of entertainment sources today.



DigiFun Studios is a mobile games developer and publisher of iPhone platform. In a similar way to the iPhone, the Android market has become a huge arena for digital products. We are now publishing games on Android platform.

Digifun Studios has the ability to develop games and applications across all the platform and digital media. We have an experienced team of developers covering design, code and art. We’re all passionate about games, web and art in general.

Our goal as a game developer is to create high quality games for fun.


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