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1Secure Wallet Pro – Password Manager

1Secure Wallet Pro is an ultimate password manager app that keeps all your critical and important information in one safe spot. It is supplying the best trusted, convenient and good solution for storing and syncing your important data in one vault.


1Secure Wallet Pro – Password Manager makes your life easier by storing all your passwords in one secure spot and access it with just one tap. It stores all essential information like web logins, email accounts, bank account, credit cards, birthdays, database, health, insurance, identification, membership, networks, social security number, software serials, vehicles, voice mail & routers. It has a built in private browser, and even a smart password generator tool that creates strong and unique passwords for every website.


◆ Smart Password Generator creates strong and unique passwords
◆ Auto login access to websites without having to remember any password
◆ Securely sync with iCloud and Dropbox services
◆ Encrypts all your data using authenticated AES 256-bit encryption
◆ Auto Lock protects your app from intruder’s eyes
◆ Self Destruction facilities that keep intruders away
◆ Reminder for Auto backup when few modified in the database
◆ Email backup facilities to keep data safe
◆ Easy to use password keeper and digital vault app


1Secure Wallet Pro is quite simple for every user to utilize this app. 1Secure Wallet Pro supports iCloud and Dropbox cloud services to synchronize your data vault. There are many eye catching features you can’t survive without it.

◆ Over 100 icons to identify your types and groups
◆ Integrated search and collapsible section headers
◆ Sort by Name, Type and Modified Date
◆ Groups to categorize your types
◆ Mark any types to favorite for fast access
◆ Sharing of types via email or SMS
◆ 1Password wallet for all your accounts
◆ Keep your data secret in one place


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